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Current Info:

  1. To send an email to the list you MUST send it from the address that you are subscribed to. That INCLUDES what you may have your default reply-to address set to. If you subscribed as and try to send an email to the list as, then it will bounce saying that you are not part of the list.

  2. To change from one address to another you MUST unsubscribe from your old email address and then subscribe from the new email address.

  3. The list server will ATTEMPT to unsubscribe someone if it can determine that a bounced message is the result of a permanent error (such as user does not exist or quota over limit for long period of time). Years of neglected email accounts make up a lot of wasted mail traffic to accounts that no longer exist or can not accept mail. If you've stopped receiving mail, try re-subscribing.

  4. Be sure to check any of your local spam settings, messages generated by listserv software are often tagged as spam.

  5. In general, email messages sent through the listserv are limited to 40K and any kind of executable attachments are not allowed.

  6. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from a list  HERE


Questions about mailing lists should be directed to Computing Help Desk

A form to request a Mailing List can be found here




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